Height Increase Insole 4 Layers for Men and Women

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 Height Increase - Increase your height immediately, discretely and comfortably. Instantly add 1.2 inches or 3 inches to you height. Layers can be used individually or as a combination. (1 insert =1.2 inches, 2 inserts = 1.8 inches, 3 inserts = 2.4 inches, All 3 inserts - 3 inches). Discreet - no one will know you're wearing them.

 Discrete - Wear it with any outfit or situation as you need it. Perfect for a night out, special events, meetings, weddings, or any event where there is a camera lurking about. Up to 4 layers can be adapted to increase the height.

  Comfortable & Adjustable - One Size. The pad can be cut on demand and comes with a removable airbag tunnels to provide comfort. Shock absorbing. The pad is shock absorber to don't extend the shock feeling to you, anti-slip to provide proper stability and absorbs the sweet to keep the proper contact.

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