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Odette's Opulence | Pro Handmade Gel Nails


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Odette's Opulence is a symphony of balletic grace and luxurious detailing, designed to elevate the artistry of your hands. The long coffin shape of each nail is a nod to the modern yet timeless beauty, offering a canvas that enhances the hand’s natural grace. The nude base of the nails is reminiscent of the soft hue of ballet slippers, made radiant with slender lines of gold glitter that trace a path across each tip, much like the golden threads in a costume of the finest ballet. These lines of shimmering gold intersect with the depth of the black accents and the sparkle of delicate gemstones, creating a striking contrast that captures the dual nature of Odette and her shadow, the Black Swan. Embrace the elegance of classical dance with Odette's Opulence, where every gesture of your hands tells a story of sophistication and grandeur.


Step into the realm of professional nail fashion with our expertly crafted 100% gel nails! Handmade with precision and passion, each set represents the pinnacle of pro-quality. Not only do these nails radiate superior durability and a gleaming shine, but they also embody luxury and elegance in every detail.

Moving beyond the traditional constraints of 'XS, S, M, and L' sizes, our approach prioritizes individual fit and precision. With our specialized collection, you receive 20 nails across 10 distinct sizes. From dainty fingertips to a bolder width, every hand finds its ideal match.


  • In the set: 20 nails in 10 sizes, non-toxic liquid glue, non-toxic gel adhesive tabs, cuticle stick, nail file and alcohol pad.
  • How to apply & remove: Click here
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